Why the Arabic language ?

I am sure that you are already aware that speaking more than one language boosts your marketability when it comes to job opportunities. It gives you a priority among other candidates and widens the scope in front of your eyes. However, if you aren’t yet fluent in a second language, why do not you think of considering Arabic?

Why Arabic?

Over the last two decades, companies worldwide have increased their investment and operations in Middle East countries particularly in Banking & Finance, Construction, Real Estate, Petrochemical, Hospitality, Aviation and Logistics. You’ll likely find that job applicants in Middle East who list the Arabic language on their resume, a critical requirement nowadays, have an edge over others despite having similar expertise & experience. Professionals with Arabic language proficiency are in a high demand. Even though you may not be that qualified for a job in one aspect, you may find a company that is more than willing to recruit you, because of your Arabic speaking skills.

It is a fact that many of the countries in which Arabic is the primary language are becoming huge in the world’s leading industries, and it is a must to be able to communicate well to understand the businesses of these countries.

Here are some of the jobs you can get:

 Translator: This job is in a great demand in Arabic-speaking countries. To get hired in such a great position, you must be fluent in the Arabic language. It can also prepare you to work as a translator or interpreter for media companies, and non-governmental organizations.

Teacher: You can use your Arabic knowledge to earn money by giving paid classes to students who are interested in learning it. Knowledge of Arabic is a great skill to have if you want to pursue teaching positions. You can also work as a private tutor.

Travel and Hospitality: After learning the Arabic language, you can easily find work in hotels, travel agencies, airports, and restaurants that have Arabic customers.

Finance: As some of the countries that speak Arabic are among the richest countries in the world. Many banks and bank clients who do business internationally are in need of Arabic speakers to help manage business in the Middle East and Africa. So adding

Arabic language to your financial skills will allow you get a huge opportunity.

Adding to the above, you’ll find that there are job opportunities for Arabic speakers in mostly every industry nowadays. You need to practice a lot and learn this language genuinely until you feel confident and you are able to use it then you can start looking for the job you admire and which will come with a big salaries and great benefits, such as paid travel and health benefits. Here you’ll find that the time you gave it was not a waste at all and that it deserves every single moment you spent to learn it.

Now let us talk about the benefits you get of learning Arabic in India:

We live in a world where distances have become meaningless and all the countries are

relying on each other to grow. In India, there are a lot of companies, banks, oil and

petrochemical industries, all of them are trying to expand their business and spread it all over middle eastern countries while they are present in India. They offer great opportunities for the Arabic language speakers candidates.

It is also obvious that there are very few people who can speak Arabic in India and this means that there is less competition on the opportunities which are teaching or working in the 22 Arab embassies which India has. So, it totally depends on every person how they take the chances.

Here some facts about the Arabic language you may interested to know:

The Arabic language is spoken by over than 400 million people spread across more than 22 countries of the world. The majority of these Arabic speaking countries are in the Middle East or Africa.

  • Arabic is the fifth common language on the planet.
  • Arabic language contains of 12 million words.
  • Arabic Alphabet has 28 letters.
  • Arabic is written from right to left.
  • The Arabic calligraphy is considered as one of the most fascinating arts ever.
  • Arabic has more than 300 words for lions.

On the other hand, Arabic is the language of the holy “Quran”. So if you are a Muslim, learning Arabic will make you closer to millions of Muslims across the world.

As I mentioned before, today the Arabic language is the 5th most spoken language in the world and adding to that it is also among the United Nations (UN) sixth official languages.

We cannot forget to mention as well, that you will increase your Scholarships and Study Abroad Opportunities. When you study Arabic and get this knowledge, you are giving yourself a chance to get exciting experiences in Arabic-speaking countries, as well as scholarships and other funding opportunities that can help you fulfill your dreams and goals. For example, the Salam scholarship, the Boren scholarship and the Gilman Scholarship Program.

Another important thing to say is as Arabic is one of the six official UN languages;

consequently, it can give you the bridge for getting a job in international organizations, as well as journalism, tourism and international trade.

Finally, it is a must to mention that Arabic Is a Bridge to Other Languages because after being able to understand Arabic, it can help you learn many other languages as well. 50% of the vocabulary in the Persian language or what it is called “Farsi” is made up of Arabic words, and Arabic can help you if you want to learn Urdu or Turkish as well.

In conclusion, I will say that learning the Arabic language may be a way to fulfill a dream that you have waited a lot to achieve.

Ms Sally Saleh,

Arabic Language Expert & MBA (2nd Year) Student
KIIT School of Management(KSOM)
KIIT Deemed to be University
Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Email: [email protected]