A magazine lounge at KIIT, KEN, was inaugurated today, 5 October, 2013, by Dr. A. Samanta Hon’ble Founder KIIT & KISS. This magazine lounge is set up in the lobby of KIIT auditorium at Campus-6 Convention Centre Complex. The magazine lounge, only one of its kind, has rich collection of national and international magazines. The initiative was highly appreciated by faculty, staff and students community who will have the opportunity of reading magazines from around the world. Magazines cover a wide range of literature genres-social, sports, fashion, health, financial, political, geographical, besides women, and life style magazines. Inaugurating the Magazine Lounge ‘KEN’, Hon’ble Founder asserted that it will go a long way in building students’ general knowledge and reading habit. The excellent ambiance of the lounge with the central canteen on the first floor is expected to inspire students’ reading habit and provide a student hangout corner during leisure. KEN will remain open for all from 10.30 am to 10.30 pm