Pedagogical Methods

At KSOL, the pedagogical methodology for language teaching and learning comprises of a variety of activities (part instinct, motor skill, system, culture artifact, music, part vehicle for content and part content itself) – it is flexible and is taught and learnt in a great many ways including student initiative in the forms of clubs and forums.
During the conduct of a course students are encouraged to take initiative, make decisions and judge what is good and useful for them under guidance and supervision of able members of faculty. The students get to learn and imbibe useful global habits, etiquette and manners besides becoming aware of cross-cultural communication skills.
The teachers follow the course and lesson plans or depart from them when necessary in order to bring about an environment conducive for effective learning. The Language School’s initiatives turn the youth into intercultural communicators. They not only learn different Foreign Languages including English but also practice effective communication skills through a number of activities such as Drama Clubs, Speech Clubs, Music Clubs and Writer’s clubs and excursions within India and abroad. This approach ensures that students develop their communication skills in the Global Languages, learn about different cultures around the world and have fun at the same time.