The Film & Theater Club

Learning has undergone changes over a period of time and more so in the globalized society where information has become an easy access with technology. Learning is not limited to the traditional textual reading anymore, but has taken giant leaps into varied forms like films, stage performance, visual arts and social interfaces. With this understanding, the Film & Theater Club is established by the School of Languages, KIIT (Deemed to be University) Bhubaneswar to contest, discuss and debate on two performative arts with an intention to enlighten the budding literati through interaction and discussion. The Club encourages students to develop their critical-cognitive to understand film and theatre performances from a third angle.

The activities in the Club focuses on the skills pertaining to the understanding literature, developing social dynamics, encouraging team spirit, inspiring gallantry, and infusing knowledge regarding various sociocultural movements and theories like Feminism, Dalit studies, Gender studies, Postcolonialism etc.

Theater has been the foundation of drama ever since times. Ancient Athens was the seat of culture giving impetus to various theatrical performances modeled after Greek mythology. The spread of the performance culture into nations over the many years culminated in the success of the artform reflecting societal issues like poverty, feminism, class divide etc.

The relationship between Cinema and Theater has been intertwined given that both the platforms serve as a mirror to society. These genres play a pivotal role in showcasing the voices of the downtrodden, and the marginalized. Not only the artforms just contribute to such causes but also creates moments in our life with knowledge, conscience, knowing the unknown, humour, bliss, laughter and enjoyment.


  • To create an open platform in which both extracurricular and co-curricular activities can be merged as one along with academic inputs in the form of research in the specific area of film and theatre.
  • To provide students exposure to different avenues and encouraging the study of literature and research in order to imbibe in the students the curiosity to investigate and analyze from visual narratives.
  • To provide opportunity to students from different clubs and societies within KIIT and from other Universities across the country for opening up their horizon to better understand what has been lost in ‘Theatre’ and what we can look forward to in the future in ‘Film’ and the associated ‘New Media’.


  • To screen films and documentaries of different genres providing insight to various issues and movements.
  • To organize Seminars (Webinars), Lectures, Workshops and Discussions on various aspects of Film and Theatre to broaden perspectives of visual narratives practiced worldwide
  • To evolve the understanding of various literatures through their cinematic adaptations. 


The Film and Theatre Club has been established by the School of Languages KIIT (Deemed to be University) Bhubaneswar, on the advice of Prof. Biswajit, Dean School of Languages. Dr. Sahel Md Delabul Hossain, Assistant Professor, KIIT (DU), and Coordinator, School of Languages was appointed as the ‘Faculty Coordinator’ of the Film and Theatre Club in a general meeting of administration of School of Languages. Under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Sahel, the Club was set up on 16th November 2020, involving students from the School. Ms. Shatabdi Mishra of M. A. English was appointed as the Student Coordinator,Ms. Naazia Gulnar and Ms. Subhangi Rout of B. A. English (Honours) was appointed as the Associate Student Coordinators.