The Rhythm and Rhyme Club

Vision :

Rhythm and Rhyme, the cultural club of KIIT School of Languages was construed with the vision of creating a space for embracing and expressing the ethno-diversity of the School through performing arts. Rhythm and Rhyme, as the very name suggests, focuses on dance and music forms across the world, attempting to provide a platform to anyone who is passionate about entwining cultural understanding with creative expression. The club welcomes professional performers, trained singers, and dancers as well as those passionate and interested about these art forms. The logo of the club aptly encapsulates its central vision: liberation of mind through rhythms and rhymes.

Mission :

Since its inception, Rhythm and Rhyme has aimed to:

  • Promote exploration of individual creativity through music and dance forms.
  • Express the ethos of the School of Languages- to celebrate the cultural and linguistic diversity among students, faculty, and staff through singing and dance performances.
  • Create a free space for artistic expression by liberating the stage to passionate and untrained singers and dancers along with professional and trained ones.
  • Organise cultural events to commemorate significant calendar events through academic sessions.
  • Conduct invited lectures, seminars, and workshops related to music and dance forms to acquaint the members with cultural diversity and promote cultural inclusivity.

Faculty Coordinator : Prof. Debanjali Roy, Assistant Professor, KIIT School of Language and Literature

Student Coordinators: 
Anousha Mohapatra (B.A. 3rd Year)
Tanmay Kumar Behera (B.A. 3rd Year)

Student Associate Coordinators: 
Abinash Nayak (M.A. 2nd Year)
Nirlipta Rath (M.A. 2nd Year)
Aishwarya Priyadarshini (B.A. 2nd Year)