The book named ‘Biological Warfare’ published in May 2020 by Dr. Biswajit Das Dean-School of Languages and Professor Marketing Management and Communication and Ms. Divyashee Das was vividly reviewed on the perspectives. It revealed on the origin and roots of Corona virus and its foretold impact on the society. It also addressed on the ways and means to tackle the pandemic, the details of which are as follows.

Biological warfare is a spine chilling horror and deadly terror than a stealthy nuclear warfare, because it is a cowardice biological weapon. It kills innocent lives and destroy human civilisation with disbelief and death. It is a crime against people and is a heinous brutal crime. This honest book express on the ghastly outcomes of terror plan of people and countries, which spread vengeance and hatred.

This literary work evolved during the virulent spread of novel coronavirus COVID-19. It sparked debates across the globe accusing China of a clandestine biological war weapon due to leakage from Wuhan; killing thousands of people across the globe. Countries like US, India, Spain, Italy, South Korea, China and Iran to name a few have been worst affected and the waves of respiratory death is reaching many other countries in pandemic waves. It has locked down countries and isolated all in doors, staying safe and un-contacted with the disease. It stopped connectivity in flights and trains, cars and motor bikes, making the roads deserted and desolate. Is it war and terror is a question and who is the culprit responsible? Should not the country be responsible for leakage, pay the price to compensate losses, to other countries affected including cost of life? Why should countries do research on bio-weapons in the name of producing medicines, pharmacology and vaccines etc.? It was mooted on the aspect of novel corona virus as a bio-terrorism. The issues discussed have been quite soul searching and require consciousness of people to refrain from the bloodless mass murder of innocent folks and has warning the people to be alert. The narrative is based on research insight and literature from different sources, and integrated in to a collective whole.  It explores the secret designs and scopes of people for adhering to bio-weapons like Covid-19. Its affect on life.

Reiterating and moving back with past experience is shocking to learn on the antiquities. History should not repeat at the cost of peace. Economy get destroyed and creates devils in the countries to resurrect with violence. Bio-terrorism destroy peace and kill. Woes of people have to be responded with compassion and kindness. Revenge for blood cuddling action pitching terror is no solution through corona. It also discussed on the future of biological warfare and protection and prevention. This book is designed to make the people understand on the undercurrents of economy downfall in the face of war. It is an essential reading for political thinkers, politicians, bureaucrats, scientists, professors, students, scholars and professionals in ecosystem for a sustainable world order. It swiftly narrates on the dark facets of turbulent times, amplified to maintain peace and compassion. It says peace and tolerance is paramount.

Focus on the Details
The book humbly attempted to explore and analyse the historical and current aspects of biological warfare across the globe and its ghastly consequences. The black ideas of bio-weapons like novel corona used by sleeper cell of defense has been assessed and evaluated for displaying the dastardly act of cruelty . An unique research study of webinar sources and news items in the web, focused on introspection and perceptions. Thinkers have studied and personalities have reflected on the terror of COVID 19 and are new to the domain and oriented safe guard the citizens from its menace. Biological warfare is a trend setting wave of destruction, whose magnitude of impact is unfathomable. Spurt of bio-weapons in cities have become uncontrollable. scientific communities are yet to come up with a drugs/anti-dote to protect and save people from corona.  People are dying like flies and has become uncontrollable in the advanced countries like US, Italy, Spain and China. It has become a grave concern for all governments, bureaucrats and administrators and citizens. It
has difficult for people to combat and has brought challenge for maintaining law and order situation. Peace and harmony is echoing with fear and terror. Surveillance and vigil has distanced social cohesion and kept people in isolation. Quarantine has become a buzz word and community spread has made people boil in the mental cauldron. Corner stone for handling tough times have collapsed and is shrouded in crisis. All the advanced economies in the world have drastically  failed and reeling in its upsurge. The subversive acts are smacked of foul play . Lack of proper proper predictive model for offing attack of bio-weapons in the scientific communities have proved the scientific research a failed exercise. Essential turbulence after mass death due to novel coronavirus will be economic depression, which has ultimately caught the knowledge of thinkers and is a concern for examination. Great havoc of terrorism is to be tackled.  The book culminated piercing with the humble attempt to genesis, emergence and continuance of the disease. It also realized the significance of espionage activities associated beneath the veil. The focal point reason is research on pharmacy products and vaccines and secretly delving in to bio-weapons plunging in to a rat race by a sect of scientist community. They do not see the wide ranging serious ramifications, but for own success. It speaks on the counter strikes and interactions across countries and ultras. The issues and challenges are multi-pronged and critical to handle. It discussed on the kind of remedial measures to improve the quality of life in the times of spread of the disease. The argument suggests that no body has the right to take people’s life, under any circumstances. But for consciousness nothing can control. Affluence cannot dominate. The desperate attitude of stark naked anger breed bio-weapons. Dons of bio weapons die a dogs death cursed by the people. Debilitating societal fabric of  countries can give birth to peculiar frailties and retaliation. Chaos and confusion can devour peace and bonhomie and shatter country wide relationship in to shambles.  Hedging truth is difficult for any nation sabotaging people in this world.

This book shall help all to rethink on the problem of bio-weapon and look for peace, considering realities and reinforce strategic action to battle our war weapons. It shall also help the country heads, coteries and caucus, top-governments bodies, top-administration and top-policy planners to prepare blue prints for safety and security, dwell with sense and sensibility. Congenial living in countries with stability is important and happiness is essence. The author aims to find reasons to advocate to people to check bio-weapons and open out secret bio weapon research.  The selected

topics introspected with insight to challenge the cowardice challenges of picaresque leaders.  It is too complex and time consuming, but need to be shared for unification of peaceful people to influence nasty leadership thriving on the ballots of people.  It was a descriptive and observational approach. The present post cold war phase witnessed the onslaught of disbelieve among countries due to business, power equations and border issues. Globalisation impact growth and development in civilisation, but has envious side effects and suspicion. Globalisation here is the villain and terrorist for commercial race. Access to bio-technological advancement can be played in s direction for discovering destructive diseases. It can impact with tremendous impetus and threat spawned worldwide like Covid-19.Scope for eradication of the death design of viruses can be interpreted with a positive look. Genetic warfare should be stopped channalised for a positive direction. Bacteria warfare and bio warfare, terrorism are distinct threats. They attack and the victim is caught unknown. Kind of ruthless sabotages take place, before any thing is known . Nature and composition of these wars are difficult to prove. Wars against biological warfare and act of bio-terrorism cannot be won, if understanding of the novelty is affable . To break down the order of states and enthrone another form of anarchist authority certain groups are globally prepared to ‘outsource’ their attacks.

This biological warfare book is on a sensitive topic of human concern. It has plethora of evocative anecdotes of fear and horror, terror and frustration. It has stories of bio weapons attacking countries. The narrative is to insight in to the hard realities of pandemics affecting people. It redefines and rethink on the perspectives of people, in the face of the novel corona virus disease . It dealt on misanthropes and anarchist, social monsters and megalomaniacs who are adamant to become victors or victims. The book attempted to stimulate and excite people and persons to mature with social concern, with empathy and responsibility to prevent biological war. Awake them from their stupor of nauseating, vile and loathsome offenses. It is boost the moralists to become whistle blowers against research on the disease. Under the sky of compassion we can redress the problems combating the menace and peril . It can restore peace and prosperity in people and address penury and poverty . It has to slash, sash and squash the ego of so called countries, who are boastful. This quick book tried to draw comparisons in tandem with different countries and ghastly, macabre and grim terror attacks through bio weapons. It unraveled the narrow outlook for a broad world view. It provides holistic argument lodged in the minds of people, approaching to mental solution. The climate, conditions and political environment of countries are different , and basing on the environment leadership should to stoop down to nadir creating a limbo on earth. Reality to the context is based on mentality of each involved in the research. Idea of vengeance and revenge followed by attack is a animal instinct and not wanted. This research intrinsic angle  of the  book is based on the believes that a comely and bonny world order is needed at this juncture.  Bio-terrorism is an outcome and off shoot of hatred of disoriented and anomic macabre mindset. Boom in animosity leads to chaos. Mindless hegemony of the owl has to stop. Snobbery has no place to prevail with peace and symphony. This calls for refurbishing the laboratories engaged in devil design and look for positive strategicshift for purposeful productive research to cure diseases. Self introspection shall satiate the ruthless of oneanother, across countries, because we live in a planet, under the same sky. Capitalistic psychology honing natural resources and utilising resources must stop. They have to foster values of humanity and empathy, mobilize for alleviating the soul. Terrorism cannot governcountries and will die a life in death. People have strivefor betterment of society with a firm stand and benevolence, grace and benignity. Leadership should not be hostile but hospitable and make countries border-less with dignity. The BW book imbued spiritual power of forgiveness in the face of death, urged to stop the bizarrepace.

The book on BW did not want to find fault with anybody, but tried to exhibit the stark naked truth and perceptions of people. It asks the counties and government to revisit the labs and place the researchers in scanner. Create reports to nab culprits abating the concerns with some ulterior benefits. Review the labs. The research study invaded in to the mind space for awakening people of the fear of painful death and the means for the menace. It called to come up with new solutions to infuse peace.

Corona Warriors: Contribution
Fight against Novel corona virus.The sudden and violent deaths in china , prompted all administration to think for themselves to save its population. Odisha government known for its earlier success of handling hurricanes and typhoons swung into action.All healthcare leaders  were  asked  to chip in. Immediate need was to built facilities for the covid patients; as hospitals beds were abysmally low in some districts.

When all were locked down at home , hospitals with its project team members were in action in building the hospitals to protect.

It was fascinating to see that government agency in the district was so motivated to get the work done. The situation got tougher when words were spread around and labourers were afraid to work in the hospital. But the leadership in  administration made sure that all are combined at disposal to complete the hospital in record time.

With shutdowns everywhere in the country, movement of equipment and transportation to was a major hurdle. Top of it, most of the hospital equipment and things relating to healthcare are not manufactured in odisha. But it was great to see how people helped each other in this crisis. For the time it looked as if India was one. No caste, creed or religion made any difference, all had only one enemy. With infrastructure getting ready , the next challenge was recruiting doctors for the hospital. With the news of some doctors death in some parts of India, many avoided to join and were skeptical about the whole thing. Nurses from hospitals were prompt in joining the covid hospital and in no time we took over the operations and started to take patients, and now the facility is not only catering to the district but people from other districts want to come there for treatment and stay. The contribution of KIMS have been found to be commendable.

(The author of the book review Mr Vivek Mishra is a Ph.D. Scholar at the KIIT School of Management, Bhubaneswar)