In a world that is constantly changing, there will be no one subject or set of subjects that will comprehensively serve the youth of our country in the foreseeable future. ‘Continuous learning’ is the buzz doing rounds across the globe and languages provide the basic structural support for any learning and knowledge acquisition. With the globalization of science, technology, and economy, we need to prepare our students for leadership in a new world.

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The guiding assumption of the major in multiple languages elucidates the possibility to travel and see new horizons. Nothing facilitates such an attempt better than a journey through its’ Literature, Language and Culture. Whether it is by reading books written by authors unknown, or by thinking through the intricacies of an idea, the narrative of Literature, Language and Culture challenges our minds to travel, expand, grow, and question. All such readings involve an imaginative movement outside the bounds of the familiar. The role and status of the English as a language, literature and culture in the international context has changed radically over the past decades. While it was the language of the bureaucracy and administration in the colonial days, and enjoyed the status of an ‘elite’ by higher echelons of World Societies, it has, in the age of globalization, become the international medium of communication for all the sections. While English has always served as a link language in the multi-lingual polity of modern India, it has been recognized as one prominent academia to contest the concepts of society, structure and larger geopolitical occurrences. As a medium of mass communication in administration by many Union Governments, it has, among the younger generation, acquired a unique position of the ‘language of success and material prosperity.’ With such convections Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology founded the School of Language in the year 2007.

 Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (Deemed to be University) Bhubaneswar Odisha is an Institution of Eminence, recognized by the MHRD, Govt. of India for the academic caliber and versatility of its educational programmes. School of Languages is an integral part of the academic structure of KIIT (Deemed to be University). It is the first ever Language School of the state of Orissa with state-of-the-art language teaching technology and infrastructure matching global standards. The intent of the will was to give purpose, direction, and value education in the field of Language and Literature, Culture, Humanities and to the life with no less importance to the society. To meet the growing demands for professionals in the wake of Globalization, the multi-disciplines in the school works on newer open approaches. The working of the School reflects the evolving nature of the possibility of interdisciplinary learning where creative studies and researches in allied and non-allied disciplines are in close locational and intellectual proximity. The school emphasizes for an all-round development of students to linguistically, socially, and ethically conscious individuals. The School aims at providing a center of common awareness, a sense of human responsibility, static professionalism and for making a better future for the society.