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Research in Arts, Literature, Language, Social Sciences, and Humanities initially starts off broad and then narrows down to come up with a hypothesis. The School of Languages, KIIT aims at catering to students passionate about literature and the world. As part of the research programmes (B. A. Dissertation/ Project, M. A. Dissertation, Ph. D.), students’ study in diverse modes of analysing social issues through texts, enabling them to formulate questions to enquire and challenge the structure and grand narratives with rigor. The programme trains students in scholastic practice, accentuating at every stage the dialogic landscape of all learning and writing. The research program thus aims to produce colleagues who will inoculate both academic rigour and intellectual audacity into both their theory and practice.

The School take-up projects and consultancies from public and private agencies to address the challenges they face and provide solutions. The faculty members represent a rather eclectic grouping, with research explorations that often go well beyond the discipline and contribute to the redefining of the discipline.

To illustrate, we have faculty members who focus on formal Literature, Language and Linguistics, but also those who work on exploring the common foundations of language, emotion, and culture. We have faculty members who focus on the Philosophy of Mind, but also those who are interested in studying the interface between Philosophy and Technology. This way we seek to maintain the uniqueness of KIIT (Deemed to be University) and offer a forward interface between the subjects of Applied Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences to promote an environment for viable inter-disciplinarity.