The Writers’ Club



“A journey from the tip of the pen to the hearts of millions”

The Writers’ Club of KIIT School of Languages is dedicated solely to nurture and foster the love for reading and writing and to simultaneously encourage the young minds to weave the magic of words through their wands. Margaret Atwood remarked, “If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word.” Keeping this in mind, the Club wishes to provide a free arena to the young, fresh minds and bring forth a blend of finest literary aesthetics by employing a multitude of co-curricular programs and activities.


The Club intends to ignite the artistic zeal of the students lining it with academic continuum. It hopes to cultivate and foster their passion to write, harness their innate inquisitiveness and to promote social awareness in students through literary expressions.


  • To provide the students with an open and free platform for reading, critical thinking and creative expressions.
  • To organize events, competitions and academic sessions related to the vision and mission of the Club.
  • To encourage participation and contribution of students in different events and activities organized by the Club.

Faculty Coordinator:

  • Prof. Tanmoy Putatunda, Assistant Professor, KIIT School of Languages

Student Coordinators:

  • Prerna Guha
  • Priya Sharma

Associate Student Coordinator:

  • Akankhya Sahu

Core Members:

  • Aparna Mohapatra
  • Shatabdi Mishra
  • Ranjita Majumdar
  • Alisha Naik
  • Emmanuel Come Mugisha
  • Mohammad Arman
  • Monali Pattnaik
  • Vaishali Gupta
  • Ansita Sahoo
  • Sweta Majhi
  • Simran Das
  • Shibanee Mohapatra
  • Pratyushi Priyadarshini
  • Subhangi Rout
  • Naazia Gulnar